Friday, July 18, 2008


Mezco Toyz proudly announces their 3rd installment of collectible figures from NBC’s #1 rated, Emmy Award winning TV series; HEROES.

Series 3 of the 7inch tall, highly detailed, collectible figures includes:

Kensei Hiro- Acquiring new armor after traveling in time to 1671. Kensei Hiro comes complete with samurai battle armor, alternate head with helmet, removable facemask, and sword.

Nathan Petrelli- The New York congressman with the power of self-propelled flight. Figure comes complete with an alternate head, burned during the climactic finale of season one.

The Hatian- This mysterious agent of Primatech Paper can erease minds and block the powers of the Heroes. He comes with a set of wind chimes, used to covertly signal him.

Elle- This sadistic agent of The Company, can channel the power of lightning. She comes complete with an alternate set of “electric” hands.

Peter Petrelli- As seen in the second season this incarnation of the most powerful Hero comes complete with his identity box with removable lid.

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